So Beautiful


I just read a beautiful piece about love (see my last post) and i had to reblog it. I’m usually not crazy about long posts buh for the first time, i read it through to the end.Hence,the inspiration for this post.



Everyone seems to have their own opinion about it.Lately,its said to be overrated. I feel some think that way due to certain experience they’ve had at some point. People don’t seem to be bothered anymore especially the youth.They feel since sex is to easy to get, damn love. Many have even condemned it even before having a chance to experience it. And some have even given up because of a few bad experiences buh who will blame them?! Boys have become something else. The advent of pornography has just twisted their minds. People like us who so much believe in love are now on the verge of giving up!


I’m here to tell you something today.

Love Is Beautiful especially when its pure,true and with the right person. Yeah i know. How’s that even possible especially when our 21st Century guys?! Well….i don’t know about you but i still believe there are good guys out there who aren’t hungry or obsessed with sex. There are guys who will give anything to have just one person they can love and be loved back in return. I believe so that’s why I’m not giving up just yet! I might have had some nasty relationships buh that just made me stronger and i believe prepared me for the real thing.


Ladies and Gentlemen!

Yes, Ive had an experience,a tip of what love is,how love is and almost everything accompanied with true love. Trust me. it’s a wonderful feeling! So beautiful. The fact that someone loves you unconditionally just the way you are is the best feeling and the best thing that can ever happen to anybody. Even though that didn’t work out as i hoped it would, i know that TRUE LOVE is still very much around and is waiting for the right moment to show up and sweep me off my feet. Till then I’m just gonna wait and prepare for his arrival.

And those of who that have been heartbroken in one way or the other PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP.There’s someone out there for you. Just keep yourself and wait patiently and trust me, he will surely come 🙂


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