My Coke Addiction :D


Anybody that knows me WELL knows my love for coke is immeasurable. Asinn i just LOVE coke!

It gives me a kind of satisfaction water doesn’t give me. Yeah i know weird buh that’s just how it is. it’s both my alcohol and water. 😀 It’s satisfying and refreshing! I can take it anytime of the day with anything you know.


It all started when my sister was still living with us. She had a thing for coke and tea. She was practically addicted to it. Eventually it rubbed off me and the rest is history. Along the line, she stopped and i continued. The addiction set in last year. I just couldn’t do without it in a day. Well, now i have reached a certain level of control. It’s 1 every other day depending on the weather. Yeah i know there are side effects. I just haven’t gathered enough courage to Google it. In the mean time, Ive cut down my sugar intake and i make sure i check my sugar level occasionally. 😀

P.S: There’s a difference between bottle,can and pet coke. Bottle coke is raw and undiluted while can and pet are diluted with water 😀


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