I had a heated argument with my mom this morning over some event i refused to attend.. She feels Ive inferiority complex because i decided not to hang out with ‘certain’ people for personal reasons. (BTW, i used to suffer from inferiority complex. I also had issues with my self-esteem). Contrary to what she thinks,I’m over it. I just wanna try and avoid some things. I don’t wanna torture myself intentionally when i can as well avoid it. I don’t want to be reminded of certains things in the past because I believe I’ve moved on. My mom doesn’t seem to understand all this inasmuch as i tried to explain, argue & shout. She just insists I have issues.
I don’t really blame her. She hasn’t tried to know me so im being judged by the kind of personality i portray @ home or rather what she thinks of me. She doesn’t know that I have outgrown certain things and i have a mind of my own. She can’t impose things on me just because she can. She’s not bothered about what i think/how i feel buh what people will say!!!! *Arghhhhhhhhhhh* She insists she’s always right. She feels she knows me better than i know myself. This case has been adjorned till the next family meeting! *sigh*


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