Freak out or not!


It’s Christmas in a week & am not so freaked out about it.I absolutely don’t know why.To me it has become a norm that i don’t really look forward to it.All I want is for the year to end and the new one to begin.Maybe its because of my environment (Lagosians don’t really know how to celebrate Christmas,its the same year in year out) or probably my present situation(its nut bad o :P).In the coming year im really looking forward to a whole lot of things that i want the year to end as soon as possible.Then again I think.Christmas should be a time for sober reflection.There’s a reason for the season,its not just about eating & drinking.(can’t wait :P)It should also be about thanksgiving and celebrations;appreciating God for sending His only begotten Son to die for us,for the previous years and for life in general.The only things i want for sure are the gifts :P. I mean who doesn’t like gifts.In fact Ive started the collection 😀


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